Background Informations

We have created these background papers to explain the basics of genome editing in an easy-to-understand but scientifically sound way, taking the precautionary principle into account. The topics are subdivided into ‘technology’, ‘possibilities’ and ‘risks’ in regard to CRISPR/Cas. The background papers are intended as a contribution to informed public debate but do not claim to be exhaustive. The background papers also serve as supplementary information to the → explainer videos.

Background: → NGT applications in poplar

Background: → The application of NGTs in Brassicaceae: environmental risk assessment scenarios
Background: → Presentation slides

Publication Koller & Cieslak (2023): Unintended genetic changes of NGTs: → Presentations slides

Background 1: → CRISPR/Cas – Description of the technology

Background 2: → CRISPR/Cas – Description of the possibilities

Background 3: → First part of the risks: Possible CRISPR/Cas effects on the environment

Background 4: → Second part of the risks: Inherent risks associated with CRISPR/Cas applications