Genome editing and CRISPR/Cas applications in crops are complex and controversially discussed topics. The videos from the Project Genetic Engineering and the Environment explain the basics of the technology as well as the possibilities and risks associated with CRISPR/Cas gene scissors. The content of the videos is intended to provide the basis for an informed debate.

Here you can find → background papers with further information and references to scientific articles.

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Video 1:  CRISPR/Cas – Description of the technology

CRISPR/Cas Explainer Video 1: Description of the Technology


Video 2:  CRISPR/Cas – Description of the Possibilities

CRISPR/Cas Explainer Video 2: Description of the Possibilities


Video 3: First part of the risks: Possible CRISPR/Cas effects on the environment

CRISPR/Cas Explainer Video 3: Risks (Part 1)


Video 4: Second part of the risks: Inherent risks associated with CRISPR/Cas applications

CRISPR/Cas Explainer Video 4: Risks (Part 2)